We have four executive level committees, each with specific roles and responsibilities:

  1. Governance committee
  2. Audit committee
  3. Brand committee
  4. Strategy committee


The main purpose of the governance committee will be to oversee existing and emerging governance principles and practices.  The processes implemented will ensure we maintain and embrace a culture of upholding high standards of governance in an integrated manner.


The audit committee’s primary responsibility is to review the company’s internal financial controls.  They will identify, assess, manage and monitor financial risks across the Group.


This committee will be charged with the responsibility of managing our brand, values and good reputation in all of our markets.  It will ensure that reputational risk is consistent with our risk profile and the creation of long-term brand value.

The committee will cover brand positioning, culture and values, reputational risk and all aspects of the Group’s corporate social responsibility agenda.  This will include the Group’s contribution to the communities in which we operate, including sponsorships and the overall economic and environmental contribution.


The main function of this committee is to assist with the development and implementation of the Group strategy.  It will also review and advise the Group on major strategic issues, including acquisition of new licences and operations, divestments and strategic partnerships.  Strategic planning, performance review and operational decision making will also be reviewed by this committee.